" 50th Anniversary of theVietnam War", 18"x24" acrylic on wood panel
commemorative painting. Limited edition prints available from the
Gainesville, TX, Medal of Honor Host City Program.(Below)
latest battle for Humanity's FREEDOMS against
terrorists, no matter who they are, where they are,
or why we fight them!
"Zia Veterans-New Mexico Veterans History Commemorative" Salutes all the military veterans of New Mexico's forces and US
military forces over One Hundred Years. (Original is 32"x48" acrylic on wood panel(unf.) donated to the State of New Mexico by
The Skypeck Family Trust and the artist.
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questions to skypeckfamilytrust@gmail.com  regarding any available artwork for
individual sale or auction. Leave message at email: skypeckfamilytrust@gmail.com
Is it Time for WE Veterans and serving Patriots to march in
Washington (like after WW1) and on every"Sanctuary City" to
show OUR Feelings about what America should be, and what is
going on now caused by a group of people and rich benefactors of
chaos and anarchy to sow anger and mistrust between Americans?
The Commies and VC/NVA tried this with the 1960s & '70s when
we were fighting and dying! Remember? (My Opinon Only)
The Medal of Honor Room
at the Tomb of the
Unknowns, Arlington
National Cemetery.
(Skypeck Medal of Honor
Commemorative painting
(on left)
(Left Above) Special Forces
soldier in memory of my friend
K.Phillips(deceased). (Below
left) 18"x24" acrylic on canvas
painting of Revolutionary War
re-enactment in 2016 on
Potomac River. "L'Hermione
French Naval Vessel w/Count La
Fayette to Mount Vernon)
(Above) Signed photo of 1975 Boston( Harvard
Square, Cambridge,MA) arrival of actor John
Wayne atop M-113 army PR event with artist.