" Remember All of our Veterans and Patriots"..past and present..1775-2015
and 'especially '09-11-2001 & The War On Terrorism'...LEST WE FORGET!!"

If the wrong candidate wins the Presidential Election, how will I speak for the
lost patriots as  casualties since 1964 in Vietnam, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Syria,
Afghanistan, casualties lost since Vietnam and other "shit hole countries" in
support of democracy as we know it under a socialist communist state? I don't
know anymore! I do know this...the average underpaid and socially abused
lower ranking soldier, marine, sailor, guardsman will always fight to keep his
comrade safe despite the cutback in pay and benefits the socialists liberals will
impose on our military...We will persist as Patriots, and if necessary, follow the
dictates on the monuments..as we have the right to change our government if
necessary... "De Oppresso Liber!"
" 50th Anniversary of theVietnam War", 18"x24" acrylic on wood panel
commemorative painting. Limited edition prints available from the
Gainesville, TX, Medal of Honor Host City Program.(Below)
latest battle for Humanity's FREEDOMS against
terrorists, no matter who they are, where they are,
or why we fight them!
"Zia Veterans-New Mexico Veterans History Commemorative" Salutes all the military veterans of New Mexico's forces and US
military forces over One Hundred Years. (Original is 32"x48" acrylic on wood panel(unf.) donated to the State of New Mexico by
The Skypeck Family Trust and the artist.
manager of this website and Mr.Skypeck's art collection
will be changing this site to that of an AUCTION House
for his artworks, original and any lithos to help pay for
his recent medical expenses and health treatment for
conditions affecting his creative abilities to honor ALL
affordable artwork and reproductions.
Today's Washington Post newspaper in Style Section,sec C on page 1 has an article on the new movie PBS is doing
on the survivors of 9-11-2001 at the Pentagon attack and says that the DOD nor anyone else wanted to discuss the
attack until this movie, sponsored by PBS, was proposed..YET, I have created the only real legitimate combat art
image painting of the attacks in NYC, Pentagon and Shanksville, PA, and DC and the GWOT for the last 15 years and
updated it for every action in this war without any support from DOD or the White House in fact, I was asked to
remove the painting from public display at Arlington National Cemetery's Visitors Center, in which I was allowed a
public showing since 12/01 to 12/14. My painting covers every event, unit, action, equipment and scene depicted in
this war since 12.01 to date. The movie interviews of survivors of the Pentagon attack will be shown on PBS on
evening (8PM) on PBS stations. My special painting's final image has included the new medal for combat actions
against ISIS and terrorisms worldwide.