For our Veterans and
Patriots of this and all
our wars:
Copyright,All Rights Reserved
Arlington National Cemetery's Hall of Heroes and
our donated Medal Of Honor Commemorative
painting(left side center above image)
" The Nation which destroys Humanity's
Cultures destroys Humanity,
By George L.Skypeck RegTM Copyright.
The way Europe and the World is today,...I gratefully
realize why my grandparents left Eastern Europe before the
First World War and why my family has served America
since then in uniform..
"Never turn your back on the Russian Bear!"
Grandfather George)
We are near the 100th anniversary of World War One---and
its causes an effects are still felt today..Bosnia, Serbia,
Yugoslavia, Croatia, Russia, Ukrain, Poland, The Baltics,
Germany, Austria, France, UK and USA...all the same
factors are in place for a disaster! When will Putin, the
terrorist in chief, learn that it is better to live in peace and
enjoy the fruits of economic and cultural exchange between
nations, than invasion, insulting national honor and
culture, and battle resulting in needless carnage and deaths.
I died in 1975 in the VA Hospital Boston, MA, on Ward 9..that's
where my art comes from..a talk with God..A good SOLDIER is
one who protects and defends God's virtues applied to
humanity's existance..freedom from tyranny, and belief in the
"Good" in His Word.
Remembering the attacks of
9-11-2001--lest We Forget!
(above) "Patriots' Pride..the Purple
Heart" 24"x24"acrylic on wood
panel depicting all of the wars and
campaigns where Patriots were
killed or wounded protecting
(Above) Latest update of my famous 9-11-2001(32"x48" acrylic on wood panel,) on loan to ANC Visitors' Center updated since 2001
attacks at NYC World Trade Center, Pentagon and Shanksville, PA Flight 93 crash site ) is taking on a new special public and political
interest because of the recent rise of Middle East wars and terrorism...For America, this war on terror is not  over for our family members
still in uniform....if you are against us(USA) you are our enemy.."Kill 'Em All..Let God Sort 'Em out!"
"Oppresso Liber!"(added:ship's
crest-USS Arlington, USS Somerset, USS New York.)
If the Iraqis can't put their "boots on
the ground and in combat", then they
deserve a U.S. boot up their butts for
their recent cowardice.
Please remember our gallant Military
Members and Veterans this "Veterans' Day
2014" and ever day! "Lest We Forget!"