ISOMA-the International Society of Military
Artists(Including, photogs, painters,
performance, writers, etc.)
If you are an active duty, reserve or guard or veteran artist , phtotg, writer, performer,
singer, etc. and wish to have your "special combat and service induced artworks
shared with the international community, ISOMA is for you. At the present time, and
hopeflully in the future, this society will be a FREE source of international
professional opinion on military, combat and historical art  as an educational and
didactic effort to share the experiences of those of us who have seen combat and
paid the price for our memories. If you wish to join us, plese send your Name and
contact info and any images(please copyright them before sending them to ISOMA)
you wish to share with the appropriate authorization to show them on this website.

"DE OPPRESSO LIBER"..."SKY"(Vietnam 1967-71,US Army)