GEORGE L.SKYPECK: Biography and News.
George L.Skypeck,RegTm, Artist
"Memories forged in the heat of combat, refined
by the pain of wounds, and sustained by the
alienation of a free society...cannot be forgotten."
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Artist Biography
About Mr. Skypeck's famous poem "SOLDIER"  -After Captain Skypeck was
released from the Boston VA hospital to civilian life, and as a result of his
"out-of-body experience there, back in the early 1980s, late one night, Mr.
Skypeck was called on the phone by the famous C&W Singer Johnny Cash, a
USAF Veteran, asking to use it in a song and sang his rendition of it over the
phone to him. Because of Johnny's health issues, "SOLDIER" has never been
put to music by any singer or musician with Mr. Skypeck's permission---We
are sill looking for that "special singer," male or female to do that.....Our
troops and international allies need that!